Shimabara House

¥ 59.8M
Shimogyo Ward,
For Sale


Seize the opportunity to own this remarkable property near Shimabara Daimon, brimming with potential. Formerly a guest house, it’s ideal for continuing accommodation services and equally suitable for a store or office. Its proximity to central Kyoto and JR Kyoto Station offers a vibrant living environment. Act now!

Estimated renovation cost ¥5M – ¥10M

Transportation Tambaguchi Station is an 8-min walk

Land Size 43.57m² | Building Size 54.47m²

Location Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto

Year of construction November 1985

Structure/construction method wooden

Land rights Freehold

Rental opportunities guesthouse, 180-day, long-term


WhatsApp +81 70 4307 6560

For more details about rental/guesthouse rules and opportunities: CLICK HERE

Please note that every time a property changes owner, a new license must be applied for.

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