The Sake Brewery



14.53m x 23.63m, 2 levels, 618 sqm (1 grand hall with double height atrium)

A former sake brewery moved from Kyoto to Yamanashi in 1916 and was then used as a guesthouse. The former owner, great-grandson of the merchant who moved it, believes the brewery was between 150 to 200 years old when the family acquired and moved it to its current location.

This historical building would be a landmark of unequalled quality in Niseko. It is by far the finest large heritage building we have seen for sale in Japan. It is built using various kinds of wood including Hoki, Oak, Cypress, Rosewood, Cherrywood and Cedar. The craftsmanship in the building is exquisite and could in all likelihood not be replicated today. The building is constructed by joinery; there isn’t a single nail used in the entire building. A true historical building and a unique opportunity.

The building will be dismantled, restored in our workshop in Nagano, shipped to Niseko and assembled, with roof, on the buyer’s land by Heritage Homes’ master carpenters.

The fit-out will be done by our local construction team to the buyer’s specifications. The building is classified as a new build by the Japanese authorities and will carry all the required liability insurance and warranties.

For Sale: POA

The Sake Brewery 08 1

An example of one of the customized conversion by Heritage Homes Japan. Pictures of the completed home are for illustrative purposes only. We will carefully customize it to your specifications.

The Sake Brewery Floorplan
The Sake Brewery Floorplan

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