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Small Gojo Renovation

Posted by Heritage Homes Japan on 2023-10-25

Heritage Homes Japan’s renovation project “Small Gojo” is now complete, marking a significant milestone in the meticulous restoration process. The project, rooted in preserving Japan’s rich architectural heritage, has seamlessly blended traditional craftsmanship with modern design principles.

The Small Gojo renovation stands as a testament to the commitment of Heritage Homes Japan to breathe new life into historical structures while maintaining their cultural integrity. We carefully selected and used high-quality materials to ensure the essence of the original structure is not only retained but enhanced.

Renovation Floor plan

Snall Gojo floor plan

Small Gojo Renovation Progress

We are pleased to share the progress updates on the Small Gojo renovation. The project is advancing as planned, with the historic structure being meticulously restored while integrating modern amenities. Keep an eye on this section for new photos and updates as the renovation continues.

Final Renovation Output

The renovation of Small Gojo is now complete, transforming this historical property into a beautiful blend of traditional and modern design. The final output features a spacious living area, modern kitchen, and high-end bathroom fixtures, while preserving its historical charm. This beautifully renovated Machiya is currently listed on the market and is ready for occupancy. If you are interested in this property, visit our Newly Renovated Gojo Machiya listing page.

If you want to know more about our renovation services, visit our Renovation Services page. To see more of our past projects and the transformations we’ve accomplished, check out our Projects page.

If you want your own Machiya to renovate, see our available properties in our Listings page.

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