Shirakawa-go House



9m x 13m, 2 levels, 234 sqm

The houses in Shirikawa-go, the UNESCO-protected heritage village in Western Gifu, are distinctive by the very high-pitched thatched roof, able to withstand the heavy snowfalls in the Western Honshu alps. To find a Shirikawa-go house for sale is extremely rare; we have never come across one before.

This building was moved to Hida in the 1960s before Shirikawa-go was granted World Heritage listing status. We believe the core building is well over 250 years old.

The building will be dismantled, restored in our workshop in Nagano, shipped to the buyer and assembled, with roof, on the buyer’s land by Heritage Homes’ Master Carpenters.

The fit-out will be done by our local construction team to the buyer’s specifications. The building is classified as a new build by the Japanese authorities and will carry all the required liability insurance and warranties.

For sale: POA

Shirakawa Go House 08

An example of one of the customized conversion by Heritage Homes Japan. Pictures of the completed home are for illustrative purposes only. We will carefully customize it to your specifications.

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