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Heritage Homes renovation services

Heritage Homes Renovation Services

Should you choose to engage Heritage Homes as your contractor for your renovation, you can rest assured that the work will be of the highest quality, at the best possible prices and to your exact wishes. We usually have 4-5 renovation projects running at any one given time, and we have a dedicated construction department, headed by our in-house Architect, Yukari Hayafuji.  Working closely with our Project Manager, Kaz Kubiac, we will in close contact with you during the entire renovation project to ensure a successful outcome. There is no need for you to be present in Kyoto, all meetings can be held via Zoom, and you will receive weekly updates on the progress of your project.

Here is how it works

Getting started: Survey and project preparation

When you buy an un-renovated property, the contract will be ‘subject to survey’. This means that if previously unknown severe damage is unearthed during the survey process, which will cost more than ¥5M to rectify, you have the right to cancel the contract as long as the survey is done before closing and final payment. So you are fully protected against unpleasant surprises. The structural survey takes 3 days and costs around ¥100,000.

Once the survey is concluded and the project has been given the ‘green light’, preparations begin. Timelines are agreed, neighbours and residents’ associations are informed about the upcoming works and assured that the disturbance will be minimal, Restoration grants may be applied for, logistics such as access, parking and work schedules are set and much, much more.

Renovation Survey
Renovation Designing The Layout

Designing the layout

The first thing to decide is the layout of your property. Consideration is of course given to practical matters such as where to place the kitchen and bathroom, bearing in mind load-bearing columns and walls. After the initial consultation with you and our architect, we produce the first draft. We usually work through two or three versions before settling on a final plan. This process usually takes 5-15 days

Choosing materials and finalizing the budget

We have a plethora of material options for you to choose from, be it flooring, tiles, kitchen units, bathrooms, fittings & fixtures, some of which are listed below. The selection process usually takes 1-3 weeks. If the project is urgent and needs to start quickly, we can also allocate a budget to each cost item, e.g ¥1.5M for a bathroom or ¥2M for the kitchen. This helps to sign off the project quicker and gives us and the client time to choose the materials within the agreed budget. After the final quote has been accepted by you, we sign off and agree on a final start and finishing date for the work.

Renovation Choosing Materials And Finalizing The Budget
Renovation Team


All of this work can be done in the period between signing the purchase agreement, closing the contract and transferring the title deed to your name. Thus, the second the legal process is completed, the renovation can start.

The renovation itself usually takes 3-4 months. You will receive weekly updates from a dedicated team member throughout the process. Timing is obviously also dependent on the current workload and our current pipeline of projects.


The renovation cost is split into two sections; the actual construction work (dismantling, plumbing, electricity, carpentry, equipment etc), and a second section which covers architecture and related work.  For the construction part, we work to an agreed budget, and the quote will include the usual warranties and guarantees. The architecture, licensing, government fees etc are billed separately.

Renovated Machiyas 02
Material Selection Examples
Bathroom Ideas

Photo credits to Machiya Japan

Design Ideas
Sample of a Completed Machiya Project

This 130 year old Machiya, located next to Kitano Temangu Shrine, was restored in a Japanese minimalist style from the ground up. It now has underfloor heating, oversized insulation, a modern ornamental garden and an open plan layout. We are currently using it as our showroom and office.

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